lowering cholesterol

The Cholesterol Myth: Is Lowering Cholesterol a Good Thing?

Cholesterol and Heart Disease-A Phony Issue – By Mary Enig, PhD The official advice to lower serum cholesterol levels has brought about numerous supplements with the attached claim that consuming them will lower cholesterol. In fact, the body uses cholesterol to repair and to protect. When improvement to the health of the body brought about […]

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Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs and Alzheimer’s Disease

It has been widely reported that drugs that lower cholesterol may slow the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. The role of cholesterol in Alzheimer’s disease is attracting increasing attention from researchers and there are conflicting messages coming form a great deal of reports. Despite the fact that wide-spread opinion about high levels of cholesterol still remains […]

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Lowering Cholesterol With Dietary Plant Stanols

Several clinical studies have shown that plant stanol esters are effective agents that lower cholesterol. The ability to lower cholesterol with dietary plant stanol ester has been shown to be sustained for periods up to 12 months, but how soon the full cholesterol lowering effect of plant stanol esters can be obtained, is still unclear. […]

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