Vitamin D Benefits

The natural benefits of vitamin D and the effects of vitamin D deficiency. Food sources of vitamin D and facts about vitamin D.

Vitamin D Deficiency is Linked to Autism

Dear Dr. Cannell: Anything new on your theory that vitamin D is involved in autism? Sally, New York Dear Sally: Science News reported that two Swedish doctors recently proposed vitamin D deficiency is linked to autism. Doctors eye vitamin D link to autism Another article looked at the amazingly high rate of autism in dark-skinned […]

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Vitamin D Deficiency and Muscle Weakness

Very severe vitamin D deficiency leads to muscle weakness. But less was known about milder vitamin D deficiency and muscle weakness or risk of falling. Now, according to an analysis by ARS-funded scientists and their colleagues, older adults who get supplemental vitamin D in their diets are less likely to slip and fall down.

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Vitamin D Deficiency – A Leading Cause of Diseases

Vitamin D deficency can lead to cancer, osteoporosis and bone fractures. Viatmin D, the classical vitamin related to bone health, improves bone strength mainly by increasing intestinal calcium absorption and reabsorption of calcium by the kidney. Several intervention studies demonstrated in humans that vitamin D can improve bone status as measured by bone density. (Int […]

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Effects of Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D and Cancer There now seems to be a connection between breast, colon and prostate cancer and a lack of Vitamin D. Even more amazing, one expert believes 25 per cent of breast cancer deaths could be avoided if the women had maintained adequate vitamin D levels throughout their life…This raises some big questions […]

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Causes and Treatment of Autism: Vitamin D?

Is vitamin D a possible treatment for Autism? John Cannell, MD from the Vitamin D Council reports on a possible treatment effect of Vitamin D for Autism. First, a brief case report and then a more detailed exchange of emails between the mother and me (John Cannell). John is a seven-year old boy living in […]

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