Osteoporosis treatment with natural cures and remedies. Natural osteoporosis treatment can stop bone loss.

Increase Bone Density Naturally

A 3 year study has shown that, contrary to some evidence, bone mineral density├é┬ámay benefit from high protein diets, at least in older people. But the high potein diet must also meet the recommended dietary allowance for both calcium and vitamin D. This study looked at 342 men and women older than 65 who did […]

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Vitamin D Deficiency – A Leading Cause of Diseases

Vitamin D deficency can lead to cancer, osteoporosis and bone fractures. Viatmin D, the classical vitamin related to bone health, improves bone strength mainly by increasing intestinal calcium absorption and reabsorption of calcium by the kidney. Several intervention studies demonstrated in humans that vitamin D can improve bone status as measured by bone density. (Int […]

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