Leptin Hormone

Do leptin supplements help in weight loss? Leptin levels and the foods you eat in your diet. When dieting leptin levels affect your response to the diet.

Leptin and Obesity – Does Leptin Help Burn More Calories?

Leptin has become a hot area for obesity research since the discovery of a mutation in the mouse leptin gene that increases the animals’ appetite while lowering their metabolic rate.

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Leptin and Weight Loss: Does More leptin Help With Weight Loss?

Recent research into leptin has revealed what is likely to be very important in the control of appetite, weight loss and the regulation of body weight. Advances in leptin research and its role in the control of obesity would lead to reductions in diabetes, coronary heart disease and many forms of cancer, all of which […]

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Leptin Supplements: A Promising Weight Loss Treatment?

Since the discovery of leptin in 1994, many have hoped that the hormone would be a promising weight-loss treatment for humans. Leptin acts as a signal to help the body decide when it has eaten enough food to feel full. The amount of leptin in the blood has been directly linked to body fat.

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Different Foods Increase or Decrease Leptin Levels

More fat in the diet decreases leptin levels while a diet higher in carbohydrates increases leptin levels according to a study. Leptin, made by the body’s fat cells, is thought to help contribute to satiety, a feeling of fullness.

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Leptin and Insulin: The Effects of Glucose and Fructose

An upcoming study should help reveal how two kinds of sugars in our foods, glucose and fructose, affect the body’s production of leptin and insulin. Agricultural Research Service chemist Nancy L. Keim, Peter J. Havel and Craig H. Warden, a genetics and pediatrics researcher at U.C. Davis, are collaborating in this leptin and insulin investigation. […]

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Dieting? Leptin Levels Affect Diet Response

When dieting and your leptin levels go down, you may find you are more hungry. Researchers found that during the first week of the weight-loss diet, volunteers’ leptin levels dropped by an average of 54 percent. This is accouding to Agricultural Research Service (ARS) researchers in Davis, California, who are studying the effects of the […]

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