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Lung Cancer Cures and Remedies. Omega-3 has been proved a natural cure for lung cancer.

The Odds of Dying of Lung Cancer for Non Smokers

Because lung cancer is so common, even the small fraction of lung cancer that occurs in lifelong nonsmokers represents a large number of people. For example, about 20,000 of this year’s US lung cancer deaths will be in never-smokers. Clinical studies have shown that lung tumors in never-smokers have a different molecular profile and better […]

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Lung Cancer Cured With Omega-3 Fats

The article below has to be regarded as a natural cure for lung cancer. D.H was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in 2000. As of April 2004 he managed an overall decrease in lung cancer tumor mass by about 90%. Professor Ronald S. Pardini informed me (Kevin Flatt) in an email on Tuesday, 5 August […]

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