Acid Reflux? Read On For Excellent Advice About Reducing The Symptoms

Acid reflux is problematic, and it can seriously destroy your quality of life. It may even seem like there is nothing you can do to stop it, leaving you hurting and tired. Do you know how to deal with acid reflux? Keep reading for some useful advice.

The manner in which you eat can aggravate acid reflux symptoms. Many people often eat fast and ingest large quantities of food. Eating too much or too fast can make your acid reflux symptoms worse. Avoid overeating. Additionally, slow down when you’re eating. Chew food carefully and lay down your fork every couple bites.

Many pregnant women suffer from acid reflux. As the belly gets crowded by the baby, the acid could be pushed into the esophagus. Therefore, to help alleviate symptoms, you should eat foods that are low in fat and low in acidity. If this strategy isn’t effective, try out different teas in order to soothe your esophagus and eliminate harmful stomach acids without putting your baby in danger.

Acid Reflux

Certain particular foods help produce acid reflux in your esophagus. Foods such as chocolate, fried foods, alcoholic beverages and caffeinated beverages can trigger acid reflux. Acidic items like citrus fruit and tomatoes also exacerbate acid reflux. Keep a log of what foods seem to cause your acid reflux. You may find some common problem foods are fine for you, while other foods that are not listed upset your stomach. Avoid all of this, and your chances of suffering from acid reflux decline tenfold.

Certain foods are more likely to trigger acid reflux symptoms in almost all individuals. If you avoid or limit those foods, you will have less or no acid reflux. Among these items are carbonated and acidic beverages, high fat fast food, alcohol, tomatoes, milk, coffee and hot/spicy foods.

Choose exercise which keeps you standing upright. Walking, for example, can help improve symptoms in several ways. Staying in an upright position will keep acid from creeping up your esophagus. Second, it can reduce your weight, which also improves acid reflux. While exercise can help to contain your acid reflux, ensure that it is low impact, as high impact will simply make matters worse.

Drink only between meals. A full stomach puts pressure on your esophageal sphincter. As a result, stomach acid can rise into your esophagus, damaging the lining and causing acid reflux.

During pregnancy, you may suffer from acid reflux because the growing fetus places pressure on the stomach. If this applies with you, speak with your doctor for solutions.

Slippery elm lozenges are optimal to help with your acid reflux. The active ingredient in the lozenge provides a protective coating for your digestive tract. Lozenges also reduce your coughing and soothes your irritated throat. They can be found at most health food and natural remedy outlets.

Find ways to wind down and release stress. Do not eat if you are feeling stressed, as this can worsen your symptoms. When you finish eating, do a few relaxation exercises. Remain upright following each meal.

You really need to incorporate some moderate exercise into your life if you suffer from acid reflux. Walking and water aerobics are two low-impact exercises that can ease acid reflux. When your body is upright, the gravity can help digestion and retain the food in the stomach where it should be.

Eat at least three hours before bed. The stomach cannot process the food you have eaten properly when sleeping. Heartburn is often the result of eating directly before turning in for the night.

Lose weight to help with your acid reflux condition. Extra weight can cause your body to produce more acid. It puts unnecessary pressure on your stomach which, in turn, causes all sorts of heartburn issues. Even shedding a few pounds can help you take back the control here.

Quit Smoking

Quit smoking. On top of helping your lungs heal, quitting aids in curbing acid reflux. Smoking causes the acids in your stomach to increase while slowing digestive processes. Smoking will also decrease saliva production, further hindering digestion. If you can’t quit smoking, at least avoid smoking for two hours after you eat.

After finding these tips, it’s possible to keep acid reflux in check. Suffering day after day with the discomfit of acid reflux is something that nobody wants to deal with. Remember it, and fight acid reflux.

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