Autism Spectrum Disorders

Autism Treatments, Symptoms & Causes. There are known causes of autism in children and treatments for autism symptoms including Vitamin D therapy.

Vitamin D Deficiency is Linked to Autism

Dear Dr. Cannell: Anything new on your theory that vitamin D is involved in autism? Sally, New York Dear Sally: Science News reported that two Swedish doctors recently proposed vitamin D deficiency is linked to autism. Doctors eye vitamin D link to autism Another article looked at the amazingly high rate of autism in dark-skinned […]

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Autism Symptoms Substantially Improved With Early Intervention

Study shows substantial improvement in autism symptoms with early intervention treatment. Intensive intervention given to toddlers with autism as young as three years old can significantly raise IQ levels, potentially allowing them to benefit from mainstream education, new research has revealed. Researchers at the University of Southampton, led by Professor Bob Remington of the School […]

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Causes and Treatment of Autism: Vitamin D?

Is vitamin D a possible treatment for Autism? John Cannell, MD from the Vitamin D Council reports on a possible treatment effect of Vitamin D for Autism. First, a brief case report and then a more detailed exchange of emails between the mother and me (John Cannell). John is a seven-year old boy living in […]

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New Line Of Vitamins For Children With Autism

Market America announced that it is in the development and testing stages of a new line of nutraceutical products that will support the health of children with autism and related neurodevelopmental challenges. Specialized laboratory testing often demonstrates sub-optimal levels of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids in people with autism, which can be addressed […]

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