Natural Remedies For Gout: Cure Your Gout Using Natural Home Remedies

If you suffer from gout then after you read this, you’ll know exactly what to do so you can sleep like a baby, get back a pain-free, normal life, and enjoy powerful, natural remedies for gout that really work in as little as 2 hours.

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Find Out Exactly How To Cure Gout Pain From Home, Using 3 Simple Grocery Items!

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High Blood Pressure Medication Side Effects – What Are They?

The fact is that no high blood pressure medication comes without any unwanted side effects. If you are taking high blood pressure medication or perhaps considering doing so in the foreseeable future, there are several things you will need to know … [Continue reading]

Natural Cholesterol Lowering Supplements – Policosanol

Policosanol has been shown to normalize cholesterol as well or better than cholesterol-lowering drugs, without side effects.

Policosanol is one of the best natural cholesterol lowering supplements - If your cholesterol has ever exceeded 200, your doctor probably pulled out his prescription pad and prescribed a statin drug.(NOTE: If you wish to bypass the Video … [Continue reading]

Vitamins For Emphysema: What Has Vitamin A Got To Do With Emphysema?

British researchers have found that retinoic acid, a derivative of vitamin A, can cure emphysema in mice. While further studies are needed, this research raises hopes that retinoic acid (vitamin a) could form the basis of a cure for emphysema. … [Continue reading]

Turmeric Benefits: Turmeric Benefits Weight Loss and Diabetes!

There may be a new way to spice up your weight loss routine, according to results from a new animal model study by Agricultural Research Service (ARS)-funded scientists and colleagues. The researchers theorized that dietary curcumin (turmeric) could … [Continue reading]

High Blood Pressure and Preeclampsia During Pregnancy – Future Risks

Women, who in their first pregnancy, experience complications such as preeclampsia due to high blood pressure have a high risk of developing diabetes, cronic high blood pressure and blood clots for the rest of ther lives.That's according to … [Continue reading]

Home Exercise and Fitness Equipment For Sale

Better Health Innovations are dedicated to bringing you the best products to enhance your life through better health. The outstanding success of Better Health Innovations has been attributed to providing innovative and effective products, high value … [Continue reading]

How To Prevent and Remedy Depression

A number of studies have found decreased omega-3 content in the blood of depressed patients. Omega-3 fatty acids play a critical role in the development and function of the central nervous system.Emerging research is establishing an association … [Continue reading]

CLA Supplements Do Not Lower Blood Fat Levels

CLA supplements may be more beneficial for animals than it is for people. CLA supplements did not lower blood fat levels or improve any of the other health indicators a research team examined.CLA, short for conjugated linoleic acid, is found in … [Continue reading]

Mushrooms Contain Copper, Potassium, Folate and Niacin

Mushrooms contain several key nutrients, including copper, potassium, folate and niacin.

Mushrooms contain several key nutrients, including copper, potassium, folate and niacin, according to recently analyzed nutrient data. Seven varieties of mushrooms, white button mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, … [Continue reading]

High Blood Pressure Lowered With Hibiscus Tea

Drinking hibiscus tea lowered blood pressure in a group of pre-hypertensive (blood pressure levels that are above normal but not high enough to be called hypertension) and mildly hypertensive (high blood pressure) adults, according to a report being … [Continue reading]

The Cholesterol Myth: Is Lowering Cholesterol a Good Thing?

Cholesterol and Heart Disease-A Phony Issue - By Mary Enig, PhDThe official advice to lower serum cholesterol levels has brought about numerous supplements with the attached claim that consuming them will lower cholesterol. In fact, the body uses … [Continue reading]

Diet Rich in Algae Oil Can Lower Triglycerides

Adding algae oil to your diet has been proved to lower high triglycerides. The benefits of fish oil include the ability to lower high triglycerides in the blood. Instead of using fish oil in this study, a natural oil extracted from golden algae … [Continue reading]

How Drug Reps Make Friends and Influence Doctors

This article, which grew out of conversations between a former drug rep and a physician who researches pharmaceutical marketing, reveals the strategies used by reps to manipulate physician prescribing.The authors of the article are Adriane … [Continue reading]

Herbal Remedies for Depression

St. John's Wort is one of the best natural herbal remedies for depression.New research provides support for the use of St. John's wort extracts in treating major depression. A Cochrane Systematic Review backs up previous research that showed the … [Continue reading]

Breast Cancer Risk Factors – Birth Size

Scientists have identified several risk factors that increase a woman's risk of developing breast cancer by comparing the characteristics of populations of women with and without breast cancer.Well-established risk factors for breast cancer … [Continue reading]

The Odds of Dying of Lung Cancer for Non Smokers

Because lung cancer is so common, even the small fraction of lung cancer that occurs in lifelong nonsmokers represents a large number of people. For example, about 20,000 of this year's US lung cancer deaths will be in never-smokers.Clinical … [Continue reading]

Vitamin D Deficiency is Linked to Autism

Dear Dr. Cannell: Anything new on your theory that vitamin D is involved in autism? Sally, New YorkDear Sally:Science News reported that two Swedish doctors recently proposed vitamin D deficiency is linked to autism.Doctors eye vitamin … [Continue reading]

Natural Ways to Lower Cholesterol

Pterostilbene, a berry compound found in blueberries and grapes, can help lower cholesterol and prevent heart disease.

Pterostilbene, a berry compound found in blueberries and grapes, can help lower cholesterol and prevent heart disease. It was found that pterostilbene was similar in activity to ciprofibrate, a commercial drug that lowers LDL cholesterol and … [Continue reading]

Rheumatoid Arthritis Ring Splints Effective in Controlling Deformity of Finger Joints

Research by academics at the University of Southampton in collaboration with occupational therapy clinicians into the effectiveness of wearing a particular type of silver ring to alleviate symptoms of arthritis has won an award.The research, … [Continue reading]

Diabetes: Kidney Damage Reversed

A low carbohydrate diet may be appropriate to avoid the risk of kidney failure to already failing kidneys according to Swedish researchers. An obese patient with type 2 diabetes whose diet was changed from the recommended high-carbohydrate, low-fat … [Continue reading]

Vitamin D Deficiency – A Leading Cause of Diseases

Vitamin D deficency can lead to cancer, osteoporosis and bone fractures. Viatmin D, the classical vitamin related to bone health, improves bone strength mainly by increasing intestinal calcium absorption and reabsorption of calcium by the kidney. … [Continue reading]

Effects of Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin D and CancerThere now seems to be a connection between breast, colon and prostate cancer and a lack of Vitamin D.Even more amazing, one expert believes 25 per cent of breast cancer deaths could be avoided if the women had maintained … [Continue reading]

Brain Deterioration in Alzheimer’s Disease Despite Plaque Removal

News release from The Alzheimer's Research Trust -18 July 2008British researchers have shown that drug vaccination can remove amyloid plaques from the brains of people with Alzheimer's disease, but unexpectedly found this did not slow down the … [Continue reading]

A Natural Treatment for Depression: St Johns Wort

An natural treatment for depression is St. John's-wort. "St. John's-wort is the preferred treatment for mild depression in Europe," says Plant physiologist Stephen O. Duke who heads the USDA's Agricultural Research Service Natural Products … [Continue reading]

Breast Cancer: Protection Against Metastasis with Omega-3 Fish Oils

We showed previously that a diet rich in omega-6 fatty acids stimulates the growth and metastasis of human breast cancer cells [invasive breast cancer] in athymic nude mice. Overall, these results suggest that omega-3 fatty acids may have a place as … [Continue reading]

Lung Cancer Cured With Omega-3 Fats

The article below has to be regarded as a natural cure for lung cancer. D.H was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in 2000. As of April 2004 he managed an overall decrease in lung cancer tumor mass by about 90%. Professor Ronald S. Pardini informed … [Continue reading]

DHA Supplements Affect Triglycerides and Cholesterol

DHA is often promoted as a dietary supplement to improve cardiovascular health. The polyunsaturated fatty acid DHA, short for docosahexaenoic acid, is found naturally in oil-rich fish, such as salmon and mackerel, along with another natural fatty … [Continue reading]