The High Blood Pressure Solution Kit: How to Cure Your High Blood Pressure Naturally Without Drugs

The Side Effects of High Blood Pressure and What To Do About It

[gplus count="false" size="Medium" ]The majority of heart patients know high blood pressure usually means issues with their heart health. However here is what many people do not know. Having high blood pressure may well create havoc on your brain, kidneys, as well as eyes. Here is the alarming part… High blood pressure can quietly impair these vital bodily organs for a long time before you … [Read More...]

Calm And Collected: Tips For Anyone Touched By Panic

Being able to identify what triggers your panic attacks is essential. If you don't know the reason of panic attacks, it can be hard to treat them and prevent them from happening in the future. Try to find panic attack support groups around you … [Read More...]

Panic Attacks Management Techniques

Try to implement positive actions as well as relaxing thoughts to get yourself through an attack. Know that this type of feeling is just momentary. Also try to exude confidence and be in control. Watch your anxiety levels closely. Do not let this … [Read More...]

Coping With Panic: Tips And Advice For Managing Panic Attacks

Here are some great tips on how you can go about managing panic attacks. If you are looking at this article, there is probably someone that you know who is suffering from this, or maybe you are yourself. Use the following advice for some helpful … [Read More...]

Natural Remedies For Gout: Cure Your Gout Using Natural Home Remedies

If you suffer from gout then after you read this, you’ll know exactly what to do so you can sleep like a baby, get back a pain-free, normal life, and enjoy powerful, natural remedies for gout that really work in as little as 2 hours. Click Below … [Read More...]

High Blood Pressure Medication Side Effects – What Are They?

[gplus count="false" size="Medium" ]The fact is that no high blood pressure medication comes without any unwanted side effects. If you are taking high blood pressure medication or perhaps considering doing so in the foreseeable future, there are … [Read More...]

Natural Hair Regrowth: Can Natural Hair Regrowth Be Acheived?

Depending on the cause of your hair loss, natural hair regrowth may, or may not, be possible. Some people who suffer from hair loss use clinically proven treatments such as finasteride and topically applied minoxidil (in solution) in order to prevent … [Read More...]

What causes skin cancer? Exposure to insecticides elevated the risk for squamous cell skin cancer.

What Causes Skin Cancer – Skin Cancer Causes and Risk Factors

What causes skin cancer? The research below shows a number of known skin cancer causes and risk factors related to occupations. … [Read More...]

Hibiscus tea is a natural remedy for high blood pressure

Natural Remedies for High Blood Pressure

Hawthorn Berry is probably one of the best natural remedies for high blood pressure. Studies have demonstrated that hawthorn extract is effective in reducing high blood pressure and in improving heart function by reducing artery hardening and … [Read More...]

Policosanol has been shown to normalize cholesterol as well or better than cholesterol-lowering drugs, without side effects.

Natural Cholesterol Lowering Supplements – Policosanol

Policosanol is one of the best natural cholesterol lowering supplements - If your cholesterol has ever exceeded 200, your doctor probably pulled out his prescription pad and prescribed a statin drug. Statin drugs have some pretty nasty side … [Read More...]

Help Reduce High Blood Pressure

Healthy habits can help reduce high blood pressure. Healthy habits include: Following a healthy eating plan Doing enough physical activity Maintaining a healthy weight Quitting smoking Managing your stress and learning to cope with … [Read More...]

Common Side Effects of High Blood Pressure Medication

High Blood Pressure Medication Side Effects

Common Side Effects of High Blood Pressure Medication: From constipation to headaches to increased sensitivity to cold, there are many common side effects to blood pressure medications. … [Read More...]

Garlic can help reduce high blood pressure

Help Reduce High Blood Pressure Without Medication

Help reduce high blood pressure without medication. Use natural remedies, foods and other ways to reduce high blood pressure. Below are some natural ways to help reduce high blood pressure without medication: … [Read More...]

Vitamins For Emphysema: What Has Vitamin A Got To Do With Emphysema?

British researchers have found that retinoic acid, a derivative of vitamin A, can cure emphysema in mice. While further studies are needed, this research raises hopes that retinoic acid (vitamin a) could form the basis of a cure for emphysema. … [Read More...]

Turmeric Benefits: Turmeric Benefits Weight Loss and Diabetes!

There may be a new way to spice up your weight loss routine, according to results from a new animal model study by Agricultural Research Service (ARS)-funded scientists and colleagues. The researchers theorized that dietary curcumin (turmeric) … [Read More...]

Alpha-Lipoic Acid and Diabetic Neuropathy

Diabetes and Alpha-Lipoic Acid and Neuropathy. One of alpha-lipoic acid's primary uses is to treat nerve damage, including diabetic neuropathy, a dangerous long-term complication of diabetes that causes pain and loss of feeling in the limbs. … [Read More...]

Natural Treatment for ADHD – Magnesium Supplements

In 1997 researchers reporting in the journal Magnesium Research, divided 75 children (ages 7to12) with diagnosed ADHD into two groups in a preliminary, controlled trial. The children had a deficiency of magnesium which was determined in blood serum, … [Read More...]

Vitamin A and Skin Cancer and Ageing Skin

Why is vitamin A important for skin cancer protection? The skin and mucosal cells (cells that line the airways, digestive tract, and urinary tract) function as a barrier and form the body’s first line of defense against infection. Retinol (vitamin … [Read More...]

Cesarean Sections Increase With Maternal Age

The rising rates of cesarean sections have been a concern for over two decades. An acceptable rate of cesarean sections is between 10% and 15% for countries in the developed world, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). However, the … [Read More...]

High Blood Pressure and Preeclampsia During Pregnancy – Future Risks

Women, who in their first pregnancy, experience complications such as preeclampsia due to high blood pressure have a high risk of developing diabetes, cronic high blood pressure and blood clots for the rest of ther lives. That's according to … [Read More...]

Home Exercise and Fitness Equipment For Sale

Better Health Innovations are dedicated to bringing you the best products to enhance your life through better health. The outstanding success of Better Health Innovations has been attributed to providing innovative and effective products, high value … [Read More...]

ADHD Medications Linked to Heart Attack, Strokes and Mental Problems

ADHD Stimulant medications increase stroke and heart attack risks and risks of adverse mental symptoms. On February 21, 2007, the FDA directed the manufacturers of all ADHD stimulant medications approved for the treatment of Attention Deficit … [Read More...]

Natural Remedies for Depression

Clinically used in Germany for over 40 years, St. John's Wort has been proven to be a successful antidepressant as well as antibiotic and anti-viral agent. Several clinical studies have shown that those with depression do have lower levels of … [Read More...]

How To Prevent and Remedy Depression

A number of studies have found decreased omega-3 content in the blood of depressed patients. Omega-3 fatty acids play a critical role in the development and function of the central nervous system. Emerging research is establishing an association … [Read More...]

Leptin and Obesity – Does Leptin Help Burn More Calories?

Leptin has become a hot area for obesity research since the discovery of a mutation in the mouse leptin gene that increases the animals' appetite while lowering their metabolic rate. … [Read More...]


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